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2012, a year marked by innovation

In a context of strained budgets and rampant recession, European enterprises are increasing the stringency of their requirements on IT management with respect to the following three areas:

- excellence in monitoring their own activity in absolute conformity with SLAs
- ever more rationalization, consolidation, standardization, and optimization with a view to cutting costs and dealing with complexity while boosting yields
- innovation and proactivity to better align IT with business objectives.

The past years have witnessed European enterprises taking great strides forward, especially in the first two areas. The primary challenge lies not only in fulfilling all of these demands but also in demonstrating the extent to which IT management is exemplary as a service center and essential to business innovation.

As discussed at our Client Convention on 19 October last year, particularly during the “sharing of experience” sessions, ip-label is focusing on the following areas of progress:

- Which user quality of experience tools, approaches and indicators can demonstrate good IT management and highlight its contribution to the enterprise’s performance and innovation?
- How can we build service agreements that adhere even more closely to business expectations?
- How can we monitor major transformations, like virtualizing or moving critical environments to the cloud without calling into question gains in availability and reliability?
- How can we enhance visibility and control over project portfolios and ensure their transparency?

2012 will be marked by the arrival of a major global innovation in the ip-label group whose aim will be to fulfill these four areas of progress in an amazing new way.

We will unveil it in a few months’ time…

Count on us to continue to amaze you…

Eric Varszegi
CEO, ip-label

Internet performance of credit rating agencies

Which agency has lost its triple A?

The purpose of this report is to shed light on the elements that affect the quality and performance as perceived by web users of the web site(s) of credit rating agencies on a global basis, and addresses the strengths and weaknesses of these sites, their ability to handle traffic, to respond speedily, perform consistently in step with changes in audience, etc.

A set of indicators serves in the rating of each site with a view to classifying them in order of technical capacity. As will be demonstrated, the ratings of the “big three” credit rating agencies’ web sites are not necessarily a match for the ratings they assign to the institutions they monitor.

This study, moreover, reveals how web sites are impacted by the geographical location of the server(s) that physically host them, as well as the importance of the infrastructures deployed, particularly in terms of the choice of network, and peering, rules that govern exchanges between operators’ networks.

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By Alain Petit, Head of Benchmarks & Studies

Moving to the cloud for software vendors: issues and what to watch out for

For software vendors, moving to cloud computing platforms (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) presents many advantages including:

- lower infrastructure costs
- “on demand” provisioning of resources in line with an application’s popularity
- fast rollout facilitating agility.

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By William Rang - CTO



ip-label active monitoring of Android apps

The ubiquity and widespread use of internet on mobile devices have been observed everywhere. They open up new usage contexts in conjunction with major stakes (revenues, development of customer loyalty, etc.).

The complexity of these applications and the involvement of numerous third parties in the chain of mobile data production lead to sporadic malfunctions that are difficult to pin down without permanent monitoring.

This is why ip-label is now offering a service for monitoring the availability and performance of applications running on Android devices in addition to its line of monitoring services for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

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By Alain Gouret – Senior Manager of Development

what's new with Datametrie

ip-label’s SaaS offer, Datametrie, will be enriched with new functionalities in its 11.2.1 release. These include:
- a comparison of your web performance against baseline measurements for each measurement point (menu “Reports/dashboard/baseline”), to detect whether your response times show better performance overall than those of your competitors, by operator. Prior to this, the baseline was available only by country or geographical area.
- a filter that allows you to search for a monitor by name, from among all the available types of monitor (menu “Reports/Analysis/list of monitors”); prior to this, the filter was available only in the Goal and Configuration views.
- a new error-monitoring graph for each measurement point over time (rather than by percentage for each measurement point).

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By Arnaud Bécart, Datametrie Product Specialist

Newtest 2012 new features

The Newtest 2012 suite will be enriched with the arrival of the new 7.5.1 robot version, launched in March 2012, along with a new version of NEP (Newtest Enterprise Portal), version 2.2.1, whose market launch is scheduled for May 2012.

In addition to compatibility with the Windows 7 64-bit OS, the new 7.5.1 robot offers a number of new functionalities to improve the measurement of your applications’ performance.

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By Laurent Gou, Newtest Product Manager

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Executive Report :
IT management and marketing

In these times of tightened budgets, IT executives are finding it more important than ever to justify the costs of providing IT services and call attention to the value of the services their teams provide.

A recent announcement from Gartner at its symposium in Barcelona in November 2011 forecast an increase in IT and marketing budgets between now and 2017.

This trend is part of an overall progression, propelled by initiatives like ITIL, towards aligning IT organization with users and service provision.
"IT management and marketing" covers the activities that foster the visibility of the steps IT teams are taking in that direction. ip-label's consulting team assists you in setting up quality dashboards that include easy-to-read indicators with a view to communicating with business management.
What should a quality dashboard show?
Indicators should make sense to business managers and provide insight into:
- the technical performance of services
- process performance etc.



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By Dimitri Mottet, Consultant




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