Ekara On-Call: the new mobile app for operations teams

ip-label, provider of smart, intuitive solutions for delivering the best experience to your users, announces the release of a brand new mobile application.

Published on 11.04.2022

The news with Ekara On-Call

This new mobile app, dedicated to operations teams, allows them to access and track operations incidents anytime, anywhere.

This new tool supplements the console-style service monitoring view that is already available on the Ekara web portal. It is primarily intended for on-call staff who lack easy access to the Ekara web portal. For this reason, the application is named ‘Ekara On-Call’, offering a direct response to the needs of on-call staff.

Ekara On-Call was specially designed to meet the needs of support teams on the go: it provides real-time access to the status of services and incident tracking. Alerts are also transmitted (pushed) to the mobile phone.

The application is still in beta version and can be provided on request. It will be available in early June for users to download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.