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Newsletter 44

The internet public has for the most part moved from desktops to smartphones and tablets. According to a study released by AT Internet in September 2014, usage patterns evolved as follows in the year between June 2013 and June 2014: Web sites: -6.8%, Mobile sites: +68%, and Mobile apps: +45%. While 61.2% of total internet traffic comes from PCs (desktop or portable), 38.7% of the web audience in France is on smartphones and tablets (eStat’Web, Médiamétrie, October 2014). One in five visitors to your web site connects from a tablet.

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Focus on
Collaborative project: Platform for Quality Evaluation of Mobile Networks

A preceding issue announced that the project would get underway in January 2014. We take this opportunity to report on its progress and to inform you of a few achievements. To refresh your memory, the project’s mission is to define the reference systems in France and in Europe for measuring the perceptual quality of mobile networks and services. This project is backed by the competitiveness cluster, Systematic, the French government via its FUI interministerial fund (BPI France and the French ‘DGE’ directorate), as well as by the Ile-de-France region. Read on >


RIAlity RIAlity offer
Multiple-browser/third-party content
2015 has seen the launch of RIAlity, a major enhancement to our Datametrie web offering. RIALity provides the following new features: support of multiple browsers IE11, Chrome, and Firefox, and multi-dimensional analysis of your own content or third-party content. The multiple-browser measurement tool will also contribute new metrics that allow you to compare RUM-collected performances as defined by the W3C and benefit from the visibility of Ajax asynchronous calls.
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Newtest  Newtest Info
The Newtest Robot / NTBR 7.6 CU7 offers a new primitive for sound recording: StartAudioCapture. This function enables you to perform the following actions: audio capture and transmission of the file to NMC supervision in the form of a diagnostic (generic sending function for diagnostics), and reprocessing of the recorded signal : deletion of blanks, re-sampling (8 kHz, etc.) and detection of silences, for instance when monitoring streaming or video transmissions.
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Mobile APM
Datametrie Mobile APM

Boosted by the deployment of 4G, mobile internet is on its way to becoming the primary means of communication in the near future. For native mobile apps as for responsive/mobile web sites, there are high stakes in performance. Creating a mobile app can be a laborious process when the phases of the development cycles are not under control.
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Newtest V3
Newtest V3 upgrade

Why you should upgrade to the new version : you will be able to take advantage of the latest major developments in our Newtest solution, including an improved interface, easier administration, and new modular architecture. The interface has been enriched with a number of key functionalities to make it easier for operators to use the solution.
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Claranet (Germany) & ip-label announce a new partnership
This partnership enables Claranet to enhance its managed hosting portfolio to provide monitoring solutions for measuring and improving the quality of experience (QoE) of IT infrastructure and critical applications such as business and web applications. Claranet will offer APM as a part of their managed services.. Read on >
ip-label Early Bird sessions
Join us for our Thursday webinars! Each of them lasts only 30 minutes, and is an opportunity to take part in discussions about various topics of user quality of experience. All of your business issues will be addressed, including mobility, big data, and connected services. You will also get an insider’s look at ip-label product news. To find out more about our webinars, just listen to Chloe!
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A shiny new ip-label website
To make your user experience even richer, ip-label has launched its new corporate website. With its entirely new graphical look and feel, its simplified, more intuitive navigation, and more contemporary, fluid ergonomics, the new web site has made room for some juicy new features like our APM expert blog. The new site reflects our positioning as an APM vendor, and highlights our know-how and full spectrum of products. Access to our extranet is maintained on our home page. If you haven’t done so already, don’t wait any longer to get acquainted with our new web site! Take a look!
PoP communication
To improve communication with customers about the state of our infrastructure, we have set up a specific display in our ticketing interface which you can access via the Support tab in your ip-label extranet. The purpose of this display is to inform our customers when an event occurs, and keep them abreast of progress toward incident resolution. With this new interface, our customers can keep track of the state of our measurement points. In some cases, this communication will replace e-mail incident notifications. Our team is available should you require any additional information.

Early bird session on Thursday, April 16th
Load testing: How to handle a massive influx of visitors

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